Stop Hating. The Clippers Protest Was F*cking Awesome. Get Over It.


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You know I couldn’t stay quiet long.

Unless you’ve been living under the biggest rock known to man, you’ve heard of the latest racial controversy. Donald Sterling, owner of The Clippers, candidly remarked that he didn’t want his sugar baby girlfriend bringing Black people to his games.

His words reveal the dark underbelly of the capitalist racist complex that’s extremely pungent in sports. The NBA and basketball are indelible fixtures in Black culture, with over 76% of NBA players being Black and millions of fans identifying as African American. Black dollars literally fuel the multibillion dollar industry. But never mind the fat paychecks … Sterling doesn’t want us there.

In the era of social media, the response has been swift. President Obama (y’know, the first African American POTUS) registered his opinions. So did Snoop Dogg. Endorsement deals are already falling through, and fans are calling for Sterling’s dismissal. This…

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I Am A Real Woman

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” -Mahatma Ghandi  
There are times I’ll see a headline saying “[Insert Fashion Designer] Puts Real Women On The Runway”. Or someone says “I’m a real woman” or “Where are the real women”? And nearly every time it is purely based on physicality. 

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Stop The Zimmerman Boxing Match

That moment when someone trumps what you’re doing – or not doing – by doing something.

Yesterday I took the time to rant about this absurd “celebrity fight” between Zimmerman and DMX. But, Janet Dickerson started a petition to stop it from happening altogether. So, I urge everyone that this reaches, if you just lay one eye on this, and if you have not already, please sign it, by clicking here. Share it with everyone you know. 


The fight has been cancelled! I love it when we come together as a people to stand up against what’s wrong:

UPDATE (2/8/14 at 2:17 PM PT): Just a little while ago Damon Feldman announced on Twitter that the celebrity boxing match has been cancelled. As just one of the nearly 98,000 people who joined the call, THANK YOU! We should all relish in the fact that we spoke out and made a difference.

Despite his initial announcement that the fight will be called off, we must still keep an eye out, as Feldman seems to have implied that his word is not his bond. Therefore we will continue to be on the lookout and update the petition with more information as it comes down. Stay Tuned.

In the meantime, please use the below contacts and urge them to publicly speak out against this fight.

Special thanks to for supporting the petition and providing a platform for our voices to be heard.”

I Mean…Come On People!

No ma'am

Why are people taking the time to entertain this Zimmerman mess? I don’t care whose name they post next to his. I’m not clicking on any link in support; even to show my disdain. I’m not watching it or reading about the results – yes, I realize this shows my disdain.
At what point do we stand up and just say no?
Yes, we love drama, we love watching train-wrecks, and maybe, yes, we love the possibility of watching someone get what they deserve. But this isn’t a good idea. And I think it’s quite insensitive of him to pop up and act like he did nothing wrong. He deserves to move on with his life, yes. Instead, he is making a fool out of everyone that is buying this crap. Consumerism is a hell of a drug and he’s abusing the hell out of it. 
Clicking on a link alone shows support even if you are simply curious. Just stop. Don’t buy a magazine that speaks on it. Don’t watch that crap when it airs, even if you want to see him get his ass beat. What you are feeding into feeds a man the kind of attention he doesn’t deserve. Just ignore him. What you don’t feed dies, and his entire name should just kill off unless you are speaking of the Trayvon Martin tragedy behind it. GOODNESS people! 
I wish he’d move on in peace and quiet like Casey Anthony. I’d rather never hear another peep from, or about him. Our lives will function just fine without him or this stupid fight idea. Don’t fall for everything the media shoves in your face.
Anything to make a buck. Just…No.

Seriously 2014??

I need to have a “sit-down” moment with you 2014. You haven’t been very nice to me so far. And I don’t think that’s OK you son-of-a-biscuit-eater. What did I ever do to you, huh? We just met each other. You better get your sh** together before I drop your punk-a**! 
OK, OK! Let’s just take a breather and re-think things. I’m sorry, I won’t leave you, I love you too much. Let’s just change the course of things so we can have a better relationship then my sorry ex, 2013. 

Call Me Crazy

I read this immensely interesting article entitled, On Labeling Women ‘Crazy. (Original Post: Paging Dr. Nerdlove) Maybe “immensely” is an over-exaggeration, however, the depth that Harris O’Malley explored when writing this article did immensely open my eyes to a norm that we as a collective people have become accustomed to. Highlights of the article are below.

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