I’m Breaking-up With Every Guy That I’ve Never Been With

I got my first ever advice-related question in the other day. I’m been grueling over the answer to this impeccably simple question. Until I decided I’d answer here, publicly – hopefully you don’t mind – but I’m sure there is someone else out there needing advice on the same thing. I am grateful you chose me, however, so thank you! 


13 Things Men Should Understand about Women

1. Yes, we Googled/Facebooked you. And so did our friends. Get over it.

2. You might be cute, but that doesn’t mean we want to have your children. Relax, cowboy.

3. Chivalry is NOT dead. Don’t go overboard, but don’t forget it either. (This is not simply black and white, inquire before assumptions)

4. We have schedules also. And YES the Gym/Pilates/Yoga classes are important. Instead of insisting we miss it, join us or wait. The bar will still be open tomorrow, or later in the evening.

5. We know we’re not the only girl in your life…yet…but be respectful about it. I mean, if we can be respectful, so can you.

6. If you could NOT sleep-over on a weeknight, that would be greatly appreciated.

7. Oh…You’re “sick”? We get that too guys. Seriously, you can stop using that excuse. 

8. I’m sorry…but size does matter. 

9. Yes! That is probably the same bra I wore yesterday. And there’s a chance it’ll be worn again, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. 

10. There is a thin line between romantic and creepy, and that line depends on how attracted we are to you. But, really.

11. Our eyes leak sometimes, we’re not aliens. It’s OK to hug us through it.

12. We can gladly move on, just like you. You’re either in or you’re out, don’t teeter on the edge of commitment too long. 

13. Wine.
wine pour

Would You Date You?

date myself
I’m sure we’ve all heard of the law of attraction, yes? The belief that “like attracts like” and by focusing on positive thoughts, you can bring positive results. You attract whatever you give your attention and energy to. And if you are one that believes that you attract what comes your way, then this may be a topic you want to partake in. 
I asked a few of my single friend-girls to make a list. This list was to consist of the basic characteristics that you want in a guy that you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. And oh, boy did they deliver. – Chicks are cray specific –

Is Great Sex Necessary for Great Love?

Everything about you
I took a small survey among a handful — and a few more fingers — of my friends asking this exact question. They are all different ages, sex, single, married, divorced and/or attached. The results weren’t even, but not too far off. Not many leaned too far in one direction. In fact, a few definitively answered, but after explaining it, teetered off to the opposite side without fully committing to it. Needless to say there is not a definitive answer, because everyone is different.  And If I were to generalize I’d be directed towards my personal opinion…well…because I’m always right. (Duh! …and because I agree with the common vote.)
So, I will attempt to teeter on the edge while highlighting the thoughts and opinions of the people I asked. I care about yours, just a tiny bit also, so if you’re feeling frisky answer the completely anonymous poll below using the comments section to elaborate if you’re feeling frisky. Discussion time!

Call Me Crazy

I read this immensely interesting article entitled, On Labeling Women ‘Crazy. (Original Post: Paging Dr. Nerdlove) Maybe “immensely” is an over-exaggeration, however, the depth that Harris O’Malley explored when writing this article did immensely open my eyes to a norm that we as a collective people have become accustomed to. Highlights of the article are below.

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It’s about letting things go…


I felt compelled to share this. This is a big problem in relationships today, the newer the generation, the bigger the issues become. The grass will appear greener until you get over there. And then, there’s no telling what shade of green on the color spectrum it is. Let the small things go when the big picture matters more.
This inspired me today. What has inspired your day?

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its about letting things go

by Kenneth Justice

~Yesterday at a coffee an older single friend asked me, “Are there any relationships out there that really work? It seems like every time I observe a married couple or two people who have been dating for a while….nobody seems really all that happy” he said

Perhaps part of the problem is that a lot of people in Western Culture are generally miserable as a matter of fact; life didn’t turn out the way they wanted so many men and women simply aren’t too cheerful when it comes to their relationship.

However, years ago I asked one of my dearest morning-coffee friend’s (who died at the age of 85 in 2012) “What’s the secret to your marriage? You and your wife have been married for nearly fifty years!” I asked.

He took a sip of coffee and he answered in once sentence, “Well…

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“Marriage Isn’t For You”

I found this article a while back and for some reason just re-read it and it might be on of the most understanding things that I have ever read from my single and never married point of view.


Doesn’t it just make sense to understand that when you are in a committed relationship that it no longer is about you? Your life, and your decisions and even what you spend your money on is no longer about only you. I won’t nit-pick, but I believe all successful relationships depend on this philosophy, to an extent. Sometimes at the right times, when harming the other isn’t as risk, being selfish is necessary for your sanity. But I love his view, and I think it’s beautiful that he got that advice and wrote about it and it turned into the wildfire that it did.

The article above makes some excruciatingly good points as well from a more experienced Point of view. Have a read.