7 “TED” Talks That Can Change The Way You Think

I find small obsessions where I can sit for hours, if the time allows, focused on that one thing. Recently my obsession has been about TED talks. If you aren’t familiar with what this is, it’s basically a platform for people to spread their ideas in the form of short talks. Some can be lengthy, but I wouldn’t bother writing this is it wasn’t worth your time.
I’ve compiled a few that I think are essential for inspiration, particularly for millennials who could use a quick pick-me-up. 

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It’s Okay To Not Be Sorry | #ShineStrong

I’m sure we all have friends that say, “I’m sorry” a lot. It’s almost as if they’re apologizing for their existence and passing it off as an attempt to be polite while apologizing for being rude. When in fact the majority of the time they’re not even being rude and have no reason to apologize, but it is such a knee-jerk reaction for the words to utter from their lips, that it occurs more often than necessary. 
I read about and watched the commercial Pantene released (Not Sorry ‘see below’) aimed at women to encourage them to stop saying “sorry” so much. Which falls in line with their gender normality charged commercial released last year “Labels Against Women”.

I’m Breaking-up With Every Guy That I’ve Never Been With

I got my first ever advice-related question in the other day. I’m been grueling over the answer to this impeccably simple question. Until I decided I’d answer here, publicly – hopefully you don’t mind – but I’m sure there is someone else out there needing advice on the same thing. I am grateful you chose me, however, so thank you! 


Hold Your Ground

Red Haircrow

Something I’ve always believed in, is when people spew hateful insults in your direction or attempt with such ferocity to tear you down, they never had solid ground to stand on for themselves in the first place. That hate is not meant for you, it’s meant for them, they just don’t have very good sense of direction.

To this day, I have yet to be proven wrong. So, when someone is throwing unwarranted darts at you, dodge them and keep walking proud. You should never fight with a fool, for people looking in can’t tell the difference. Be golden, my Gems.

Move It Or Lose It


Life is funny in the way that we must struggle in order to learn valuable lessons. The fear of failing will ensure your stagnation. If you are immensely happy with where you are today and have no intent of change, then kudos to you and I wish you well and all of the happiness in all aspects, but if not, you mustn’t be afraid to break the mold you live in and push for greater. Indulge in your endeavors and find your happy. Fulfill your dreams. In order to do this, initially, you will not know what to do or why you’re doing it, but if you feel compelled, take a step towards it and keep pushing, if it’s what your journey beckons for. 

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday with the caption:

We figure it ALL out as we go along. If your mind, heart, and spirit are all in the right place, things will eventually fall exactly where they are supposed to. Trust yourself and move forward anyway. Fall, stumble, whatever you need to do to navigate through your journey. As long as you get it done.

Be Blessed!
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13 Things Men Should Understand about Women

1. Yes, we Googled/Facebooked you. And so did our friends. Get over it.

2. You might be cute, but that doesn’t mean we want to have your children. Relax, cowboy.

3. Chivalry is NOT dead. Don’t go overboard, but don’t forget it either. (This is not simply black and white, inquire before assumptions)

4. We have schedules also. And YES the Gym/Pilates/Yoga classes are important. Instead of insisting we miss it, join us or wait. The bar will still be open tomorrow, or later in the evening.

5. We know we’re not the only girl in your life…yet…but be respectful about it. I mean, if we can be respectful, so can you.

6. If you could NOT sleep-over on a weeknight, that would be greatly appreciated.

7. Oh…You’re “sick”? We get that too guys. Seriously, you can stop using that excuse. 

8. I’m sorry…but size does matter. 

9. Yes! That is probably the same bra I wore yesterday. And there’s a chance it’ll be worn again, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. 

10. There is a thin line between romantic and creepy, and that line depends on how attracted we are to you. But, really.

11. Our eyes leak sometimes, we’re not aliens. It’s OK to hug us through it.

12. We can gladly move on, just like you. You’re either in or you’re out, don’t teeter on the edge of commitment too long. 

13. Wine.
wine pour