LifeTrak C200 – Fitness Watch Review

‘Tis the season!

And the season is fast approaching. On every Christmas and secret Santa list I receive, I’ve been writing, Fitbit Force, on all of them. I was determined to get one.

One day while browsing through Marshalls, I stumbled upon this LifeTrak Core C200 for $30.




It happened to be the only one they had and it was white. Kismet? Kismet, is what they call it. 

After reading the package for a few seconds I decided it was as good as bought. Kind of like a pet at the pound sucks you in with their excitement and their need to go home with you and those darn puppy dog eyes…too hard to say no.
It sucked me in with its list of features and the promise of a long, battery operated, life of taking my heart rate and counting the amount of calories I burn, even when I’m not being active.
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to get home and start planning my workout for the next morning. 
First I had to do a little research on it before opening the box, just in case I wanted to return it, as I’d never researched any other fitness watches beyond the Fitbit, Nike fuel band, or the Polar. I found out it seemed to be a really good deal for the basics of what I want in a fitness watch. 

It’s not as consistent as I’d like. There are times that I think it is just measuring my arm movement. For instance, if I’m sitting down for a while, I’ve miraculously, taken 38 steps. And other times with the same amount of movement while sitting, I’ve taken none, or so the LifeTrak says.

However, that’s not that big a deal for me, because if I’m walking and counting along with the LifeTrak’s count, it’s on point. It also counts my jumps and hops, which you deserve if you’re doing a full minute of ski jumps. 

I haven’t ridden a bike or been on an elliptical machine with it. I tend to think that counting that movement would take more of an advanced technology than you would buy for $30. 
I have an app on my Galaxy S4, S Health, that does the same thing, maybe even better, because it uses GPS to track my movement, and they are pretty close on their counts, not exact but close enough. 

Cons –  

  • Step count – May not be as accurate as I’d like.
  • Their app partner, Argus, is only iPhone compatible. I have an android. This is the main reason Nike Fuel was a no-go for me. But LifeTrak’s Facebook page says they are working on making the device compatible with other apps like Myfitnesspal. So I’ll be patiently waiting until that day.
  • It doesn’t notify me when I reach my preset goals unless I look down at it and see the bar blinking.
  • The heart rate is not continuous, therefore it does not keep a constant count of your heart-rate.

Pros – 
  • Price – I got a deal on a great device. They retail for $59.99. The C300 and C410 are a bit more and have more features. You can click here to look at those.
  • It’s slim and comfortable. It also doubles as a watch, and not just a band, which the Fitbit doesn’t do unless you press a button. 
  • You can set goals that allow you to be notified when you’ve reached them. Even though it only visually alerts you, it’s still nice to know you’ve reached your goal for the day.
  • You can swap out the bands for different colors and switch the attachment knobs for a more snug fit depending on your wrist size.
  • It is waterproof. I read a review that it doesn’t check your heart rate when you’re sweating. I never had a problem with this.
  • It accurately counts my heart rate and remembers the last time I took the count.

There you have it folks! As you can see, there are more pros than cons. AND the pros are more important than the cons.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this puppy. I’ve only had it for a little over a week, but if something sporadic pops up I’ll make another post. Until then, for the price, it’s a definite buy. 

Happy “Traking”! 



LifeTrak has posted they will be ready for an Android 4.3 compatible App in Spring of 2014!

I’m still using mine with every workout and sometimes daily, so I’m excited about this news.

Android App-Lifetrak

This screen grab is directly from their site. Find it here.

5 thoughts on “LifeTrak C200 – Fitness Watch Review

  1. It’s so nice to have that added excitement about your workout!… so good for you! I don’t know about the S Health app, but it sounds a lot like the Nike Running+ app. I have that on my phone, but I haven’t been using it much since I haven’t run much this year (surprisingly!). Now question… since you have the S4, what is the purpose of those watches I see on the Galaxy S4 commercials??? Is it like a bluetooth-type thing? I know this is off-subject a bit, but it made me curious.


    • The S4 smart watch can be connected with the app to sync your daily activity. Everyone doesn’t have their phones in their hands every step they take, but a watch, that can go anywhere and everywhere. It’s also like a personal reminder or alert system when you get a phone call or calendar an event, It alerts you like your phone would. And if I’m not mistaken you can actually use your wrist to talk on the phone. Like a Hollywood FBI agent. And, yes, all of this is via Bluetooth.


      • YEAH!!! I actually saw more on a commercial since I asked this question. But thanks for filling me in. And yes, I think that you can talk on the watch. On the commercial they showed the person answering the phone. Geesh… we’re getting closer & closer to a world like Star Wars. LOL


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